A downloadable roguelike for Windows

Caves of the mad Lich (CML for short) is a classical  roguelike, taking inspiration from games such as Nethack and POWDER. As of this time, the game is still in early  development,  meaning it may lack content, and bugs might be found. Feel free to leave a comment about what you think, any feedback is appreciated. 

The tileset used was not made by me, all credits go to zilk,   it can be found here:



arrow keys or numpad - move*

The rest of the keybindings can be found by pressing "INSERT" in game.

*You can only move diagonally with the numpad keys

Mouse Support

Hovering over an object in the FOV while using the look command will display it's name. Selecting targets is also done with the mouse, l-click to accept, r-click or  "ESC" to cancel.


By default the games bgm is enabled,  to disabled it, press 'ESC' in game and go to settings, there you will be able to turn it off, to apply the changes, you must exit the game and reload the save.


The game's tileset can be changed, to do so, simply replace the 'Tileset.png' in the  'assets' folder, any tileset will work fine as long as it contains all the characters from code page 437, graphical tilesets are not recommended.

Feel free to leave a comment or to report any bugs you may have found, any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Updated 29 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, ascii, Roguelike
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

1 - Download the file

2 - Unzip it

3 - Run the executable


CTML - 0.01.zip 5 MB
CML 0.02.rar 15 MB
CTML 0.03.rar 22 MB

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