Cml 0.03 has been released

Cml 0.03 has been released.

Once again, I apologize for the delay between updates, I'm still busy with studies, but soon I'll have more time to work on the games development, this update is more of a bug fix, but content was still added.


  • Added artifacts, special pieces of equipment with great powers, which can be found very rarely in the dungeon.
  • Implement ambient background music into the game, can be disabled if preferred.
  • Added a few specials rooms to the game, they can apear in dungeon levels lower than 1 and may contain loot or special npcs,however, some of them are purely cosmetic.
  • Added a few new items and monsters.
  • Changed the floor tiles, they should now look better on screenshots of the game
  • Fixed screen loading bugs on the main menu.
  • Some status effects have colored names now.

  • Fixed a bug with projectiles that caused the game to crash, It shouldn't happen anymore.

  • Fixed a bug that caused monsters to spawn on top of the other;
  • Fixed other small bugs
  • Monster spawning has become more flexible, monster will now spawn in deeper levels than they used to, and will receive some hp bonuses.

I hope you enjoy this version, if you have any questions, bug reports or need to contact me, comment on the page.

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