Cml 0.02 has been released

Version 0.02 of CML has been released! 

I apologize for the delay between updates, I have been quite busy with studies and such, but I'm still working on the project nonetheless. Here is a list of the features of the new update:

  • Player stats have been implemented into the game, as of right now, they are randomly generated on character creation, and offer bonuses if  high enough. Due to the randomness of such, low stats don't confer any penalties. This will be changed on the future.
  • Skills have been added, they can be learned from books and confer passive bonuses to the player.
  • New spells have been added, and like skills, can be learned from books.
  • Changed the map generation, most rooms will now have doors, and pathways between rooms can now be diagonal.
  • Upgraded the lighting algorithm, monsters, items, and other objects will now become darker as the player moves further away from them.
  • Added more monsters into the game, with some being capable of spell casting and others capable of using equipment.
  • You can now enter your character's name into the the game, however this feature is still in very early development.
  • Items can now be combined with others for different results. The combinations are still few,  but more are sure to come.
  • Added traps to the game, they will trigger once you step on them, or if a monster ends up stumbling into them, Watch out for landmines !
  • Chests generate on lower levels, they spawn with few items on them.
  • Ranged attacks now have projectile animations.

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Jun 08, 2019

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